Gilbert | Skillshare Projects

Teri Martin

Digital Illustrator




Gilbert, is my rescue dog found on the streets of Puerto Rico at about age 1. He traveled far to Salem Massachusetts where I found him in a local shelter. He spent the first few weeks following my other dog Zoe around learning how to be a city dog. I named Gilbert after Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables my favorite book. 

This is my first adventure into photoshop. I spend most of my time in Ilustrator and Corel Painter.I did want to try some felt effects I used on the sweater and the stitches I was able to get in an illustrator bundle. 



This is my quick Sketch. 


This is my final draft.  Gilbert has a little freckle on his nose that I think is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. He like tilt his head to the side when I talk, so  I wanted to incorporate that into the  illustration. Gilbert is also nuts about squirrels, so I thought it would be cute to add a sweater with I love squirrels. 



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