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Gigamap - A roadmap for your favourite gigs

I love going to music concerts/gigs with my friends. This is one my most faviourite things to do.

Initially I started with the idea of connecting people with concerts by artists they like. While I thought about how I would market this idea - and while searching for the wierd bunch who would initially use my service - I noticed that the people who care (The ones who go to a lot of concerts - and want to go to more) are talking about two things. 

1) They talk about the past concerts they have been to. They get goosebumps when they recall something from a past concert. They have pictures, memories from those past concerts.

2) They talk about what concerts they are going to next. They share the details with their friends. The invite people. They spread the word. 

While the main goal of the website is to connect people to artists they love - I wont be focussing on that aspect initially. 

Initially, I will make it easier for people to talk about their past concert experiences. I will help them remember their memories. I will help them share their expereinces with friends who were there when those memories were created. 

This is what I am going to focus on first, and as that grows -  I will also connect them with concerts based on the ones they have been to in the past. And again, give them a way to invite and share it with their friends. 

Bascially make it easy for them to tell their sotry. Starting at Gigamap, a roadmap for your favourite gigs. Do check it out when you have the time.

This course has changed the way I look at marketing - and helping people fill their 'wants'. 

Excited on the months ahead. Shall keep you all posted.




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