Well it's a day late, and I didn't do any customizing, but at least I have the code on github, and the project running on heroku.  I had alot of problems with the Heroku toolbelt loading a different version of rails and breaking all my gems. I think that is common for windows users. Using install heroku from the command line fixed it. I home it never gets depricated.  


location in github

Next stop - customization!

GigWhiz - the best way to find that local music event you are looking for!

I would like to create a website that venue owners and bands could log onto an post upcoming events. Then users of this site could enter a search criteria (such as music genre, zip code and search range, dates) and find events.

MVP User Stories

1. Signup/Login by venue promoter or band promoter. 

2. Profile update screen for band and venue promoters.

3. Updating screen to list new events to include location, date, and band.

4. User friendly search feature by event date, with music genre as an optional additional search parameter.

5. User friendly screen of results.

First expasion ideas

1. Integration with map api to add the option to search by zipcode and mile range.

2. Integration with map api to show results in a google map with pins format.

3. Social blog or chat for users to add comments or pictures about events they have been to or plan on going to.

4. Droid and Iphone applications.

NOTE: I am also part of the skillshare class Startups Unplugged: What to do before building your MVP.  My project for that can be found under Skillshare projects as GigWhiz MVP with the same picture. It is about how I am determining what features for my site would meet the needs of my target audience. 

For the MVP project I have created a survey. Please if you have the time, go to this link and fill out the survey.

Project Update: 12/2/2012 - added reference to mvp project.

Project Update 12/9/2012 - added reference to mvp project survey.

Project Update 12/16/2012 - added reference to project on github and heroku


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