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Updated 12/8/2012 to include my questionnaire questions.

Updated 12/8/2012 to include survey URL.

Updated 12/9/2012 to include links to results from my 10 face to face surveys I conducted.

I am doing the class one month ruby on rails the same time as this class, you can see it under the skillshare all projects project Gigwhiz (it has the same picture). GigWhiz is going to be a website (for the Omaha,NE and Council Bluffs,IA area initially) where you can type in a date, and get a list of live local music events for that date.

With this class, I am going to determine what my MVP for GigWhiz is.

Product Vision:
Finding a band to go see is time-consuming. There are many websites, such as and The Reader, but they do not seem to cover all that is out there. You can look at the calendars of venues or bands that you know of, but that is time comsuming. My proposed product would be a website that venue promotors and band promoters update themselves, so it has a wide information base, that local music fans could search by date.

I believe that local music fans do not have a quick way to find events to attend in the Omaha/Council bluffs area. I believe that 100 people would use a website every Friday and Saturday if there was one that provided quick easy to use access to what events are happening in the local area. I believe that venue promoters and band promoters would log into that website and update their events if the website had that amount of usage.

What I need to learn:
1. Will venue promotors and band promotors log into website and publish their events.
2. Will local music fans use the website to find events.

What I need to measure:
1. I need to track if promotors would log in and update events.
2. I need to track if local music fans would use it.

My next steps for this class are:

1, Make an interview set of questions.

2. Post the question on survey monkey, post to facebook, force my friends to share and ask their friends to take survey as well as taking survey themselves.

3. Go out *grin* and do one on one survey with band members, bar (venue) employees, and local music fans (gee life is rough)

4. Make a landing page, publish it on facebook, and see what people think.

5. Find local bands/venues that have an email contact and send them a cover letter and link to survey monkey survey and ask them to take survey, e-mail back their thoughts.

For now I have to get through all the week 1 reading for this class though!  Good luck everyone!

I created a survey for my website MVP. If you have the time please take this survey.

Customer Discovery Section Questions: REMEMBER TO DO 5 WHYS FOR DRILLDOWN!

Behavior and mindset section:

For everyone:

1. Do you use the internet to find music events to attend?
2. What website do you use, or what do you search for?
3. How much time do you typically spend finding an event to attend?
4. Is there anything that the site you use doesn't do that you wish it did?
5. How do you work around that?

For Venue and Band promotors:

1. Are you affiliated with a:
a. Music event venue
b. Band
2. How do you promote your music events?
3. Do you advertise your music events online?

Feedback section:

For Everyone:

1. Your ideal live local music search website would do what?
2. A prototype of a live local music search website should be able to be
searched by date a present a list of bands and event locations. Please rank
the following possible additional features from 1 (very important) to
3(not important)
a. Present a link to band website.
b. Present a link to band video
c. Present a link to venue website.
d. Allow type of music to be a search option.
e. Allow zipcode or address and mile range to venue to be a search option.
f. Provide results in google map with pins type of format.
g. Provide a list of venues that are listed in website.
h. Provide a list of bands that are listed in website.

For venue or band promotors:
1. If I were to post my music events online I would like the website to allow me
to enter (locaction or band depending on promotor type) and date. I would also
a. To entry the website for my location or band to be displayed.
b. Be able to enter descriptive sentence about the event.
c. Be able to enter the music genre.
2. If interested in signing up to such a website when it becomes available please
enter your contact e-mail address and venue/band name.

I have conducted 10 face to face interviews,  A brief description of how this went, and what the questionnaire results were in these interviews is available at scribd.

My notes on interviews are at

My interview results are at -

This is hard to read because the spreadsheet is across 4 pages and there are no columns, but you get the drift.


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