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Sarah Price

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer







I scanned three pages from 3 different publications. 1. Ideal home magazine 2. Mollie Makes magazine and 3. Uppercase magazine.

Ideal Home used lots of fonts, italics, bold and different colours to emphasise different items. Headings were serif whereas the information - shop and price were sans-serif which I think were chosen to allow the reader to access the information quickly when referring back.

Mollie Makes used many different fonts including display fonts and hand/script fonts.  Here the main body of text was serif allowing the readers eye to flow from one word to the next easily. Emphasis added to some words by using bold.

Uppercase used serf font for the main body to allow the readers eye to flow but this time emphasis is added by using italics.  The side panel about materials is in sans-serif font and has been given a different colour background to make it obvious to the reader that this is to be read separately. This has also been centred and not justified like the main body text.




I thought my initial colour scheme was too babylike so changed it to a more 4-8 year old boys birthday.  I chose 4 fonts that were Boy like.  I wanted them be fun a suitable for a birthday party but also a bit strong and spiky like a crocodile.  The fonts I chose were Porter sans Block,  Barrio, Note this and Aharoni bold. I chose a simple triangle motif to add to the design to represent spiky crocodiles and cactus. 

I created a simple repeat and made 4 different colourways


Although these colourways feel more boy aged 4-8 I prefer the initial colourscheme and this giftwrap pattern 



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