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A young teacher ventures into a remote town for her first job but fears that a tragic family secret has followed her.

Final draft: 


This is the eighth story in 'The Pastures of Heaven' (the stories don't have names).  I knew some Steinbeck but I didn't know this book, his second, published in 1932.  I think the story chose me -- the title anf first scene came to me as soon as I'd finished reading.  It's a good choice for a short script: not too many characters, compact in time and scale, and with a mystery that doesn't get solved.

I like the idea of adapting a Steinbeck story.  His biggest book was made into an American classic film.  And one of his lesser works was made into a film that is a favorite of mine, 'Cannery Row.'  Stars doing good work (Nick Nolte and Debra Winger), fine character actors (M. Emmet Walsh, Frank MacRae, Sunshine Parker), narration by John Huston, and music by the unique Jack Nitzsche.  Worth seeing.  


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