Gifter - A different way of finding gifts

Problem:  People don't know what to get each other and traditional wish list sites don't work

Solution: Gifter.

Gifter is an alternative approach to getting great gift ideas

How does it work:

Gifter is a very simple site that allows users to log into facebook and select the friend they wish to buy a gift for (or input a few pieces of information if they do not have facebook such as age, sex, and personality questions).

After selecting the user or inputing information, Gifter pulls an item on the screen and the user can simply like or dislike. After liking or disliking, a new item pops up and the process is repeated until the user finds the perfect gift. Gifter will store the items you liked and they can be saved for later.  

Items are pulled from sites like Amazon, the fancy, fab, gilt, etsy, etc and users will be linked directly to this item for a quick transaction.

Why it's a good idea:

Gifter is smart.  After selecting your friend, Gifter will look at their facebook likes, instagram likes, what they subscribed to and the items generated will be a direct result from the data gathered.  As you like items, Gifter will display similar ones and as you dislike items, Gifter will display less of those items.  Gifter will also take data gathered from other users with the similar information (likes, age, etc) and apply it to your results.  The more Gifter is used, the smarter it gets.

The end result is great ideas.

How do you make money:

1. Affiliate links.  Every gift displayed will be linked to a store that users can purchase directly from.

2. Sponsored gifts. Users are scrolling through a lot of items in a short time so why not make every 5th item a sponsored item.  Companies are able to select specific age groups, specific likes and really pinpoint their target market.

Because users are looking to buy a gift, conversions will be much higher.


Whether it's a gift for your friend, sibling, or yourself, Gifter offers a new way to discover the perfect item.



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