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Evan Maeda

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Gifted By Choice

+Name: Evan Maeda

+Location: Honolulu / Bay Area / Seattle

+Brand Name: Gifted By Choice

What is Gifted By Choice?

Gifted By Choice fundamentally consists of two connected pieces – Gifted and By Choice.

The concept of Gifted revolves around the idea that every human being is born into this world with a gift - their potential. Regardless of where one comes from or how much one has, the ability of every person to do insanely awesome and amazing things with their lives is limitless and ever present.

The concept of By Choice reflects the ability of an individual to recognize his or her gift by choosing to become the person he or she has always been capable of becoming. Our gift amounts to nothing until we embrace the choice to make it our reality through unreserved commitment and dedication.

As a lifestyle concept, Gifted By Choice strives to represent those individuals who have decided to make their gift their reality - those people who work their asses off each and every day and recognize and embrace their passions, struggles, and successes in the process.

**Origin behind the name: I hung out in high school (McKinley Tigers WOOT!) with a crew of guys, and our crew name was GBC; Good Boy Crew. We were mostly known as GBC, so as we got older we thought maybe it was time to switch up the name but keep the acronym. I was the one who came up with Gifted By Choice, and although it didnt work as a crew name, I felt that it was a strong concept and philosophy. At the time I had always wanted to print my own tshirts, and it just seemed perfect the way the timing worked. To this day, my motivation behind the brand is the brotherhood that is GBC, my family, my future family, and the amazing supporters we've picked up along the way. 


Primary Slogan:

"Made For More."

Secondary Slogans:

"Established Within The Individual."

“Life is a gift, but to live is a choice.”

“Struggle. Succeed. Repeat.”

+Mission Statement:

Gifted By Choice is a creative brand that believes in inspiring, educating, and illuminating the minds of the masses who are self-determined and seek to realize and apply the potential that they are innately instilled with. With this as our foundation, we strive to promote this lifestyle through an apparel collection and lifestyle blog. Through our products, we strive to embody and reflect the GBC lifestyle within every piece we produce and push the limits in regards to each design and message. Through our team of visionaries, we use our blog as a showcase to promote amazing achievements of the individual that embody and reflect the GBC lifestyle in diverse disciplines as well as in the global community. 


Primary Logo (developed 2012):

Logo Versatility - Colorways:

Secondary Logos - "Circle (2011)", "Monogram (2013)", and "Box (2013)"

"Circle" Logo - Cities Collection:

+Logo Mock-Up Images:

Logo Application on Apparel:

Logo Application on Apparel Details (Size Tags & Labels):

Logo Application for Stickers:

Logo Di-cut Signage Campaign (Made from poster + foam core, cut & glued by me):

Logo Usage on Posters ("Inspirations" Propaganda Series sz. 11x17):

CAD Logo Mock-up of Storefront Concept (image borrowed from Patta):

+Images of Collection CADs


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