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Hi Seth's Skillshare Students!

This is my Modern Marketing class project, it is in the early development stage and I would really appreciate any feedback you feel would improve its services, website, even copywriting, etc.  

I'll be adding updates on the course assignments as I complete them and changes to the Gift Girl site as I receive feedback and can institute them.

Gift Girl's website is

Thanks so much in advance for your feedback!



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Gift Girl's premise:

Often time-constrained people find gift-giving stressful.  Gift Girl will aim to alleviate such stress by offering personalised gift services.

Gift Girl's main service will be a Customised Gift Sheet; this will provide cusomised gift ideas when people need them most.  Customers will fill out a short questionaire relating the interests, hobbies, Facebook and Pinterest pages of their recipient.  Gift Girl will then supply a carefully curated selection of gifts that would suit the recipient's tastes.

1.) 3-5 sentence description of the Gift Girl brand:

What I hope people will eventually say about Gift Girl: 

Gift Girl offers this beautiful service of hand-picking a selection of gifts for whomever you need to buy a gift for.  Their gift option sheets are well-presented, stick within your budget and include links to the items online for easy purchasing.

2.)  11 Questions Exercise:

1.) What is Marketing for?

Marketing is for getting a story out to an audience that cares - an audience that will listen and talk to other people to relay the story and spread it even further. 

Gift Girl hopes to create a vivid story that is so true that the story will be passed on through word-of-mouth.

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

I can (and have to) touch everything: pricing, design, customer service, etc.  Gift Girl is a sole proprietorship.

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

 We can measure where customers come from: where they learn about the service.

We can measure click-to-purchase ratio.

We can measure open-and-click ratios on emails.

4.) What can we change?

As the sole owner of Gift Girl, I can change every aspect of the internal set-up.

Gift Girl as an enterprise will hope to change the way people buy gifts.

5.) What promise are we going to make?

If Gift Girl is in the Promises Business, we will promise to provide customers with the best ideas for the gifts they need to purchase, and to provide fresh ideas that will overwhelm with delight.   Gift Girl will strive to create beauty of presentation, ease of purchase and accurate personalisation.  Gift Girl will promise that genuine consideration is behind every gift selection and that automatic selection processes have no place at Gift Girl.

Promises to myself:  To actually make money in the end, have a good time, work hard and feel fulfilled.

6.) What’s the hard part?

Creating an emotion in my audience, which will hopefully be delight when I overwhelm them with great gift option sheets and easy shopping links.  I'll be selling relief - if I do it right!

7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

It may seem ambitious but Gift Girl will aim to create a gift-buying trend, changing the way people buy for their family and friends.

8.) Where is the risk?

Personal risk:  I will lose time, money and face if I can’t follow through and keep promises.

Risk to customer:  Their recipient might not like the gift!  The chances that Gift Girl will choose an appropriate and charming gift must outweigh this risk.

(Below is a sample 'persona' sheet I've added to the site due to some feedback I received.  I'll be adding more of these over the coming days and weeks.)

9.) Who is in charge?


10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

I will spend money on ensuring my gifts delight and that I am known first within the small niche community I start in, by establishing my First Ten who will spread word about Gift Girl.

I will also spend money establishing the business, polishing the Gift Girl website, and branding beautifully – beautiful cards, stunning website photos, etc.

11.) How should we be spending our time?

I’ll be spending my time establishing my First Ten and creating gift option sheets in advance, designing the website, re-analyzing every aspect of the site, developing marketing and aiming to keep promises.


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