Gift Bags

Gift Bags - student project


First off I was so naive thinking that the same gigantic soft box I use for my portraits would be useful as well for my gift bags assignment. Yes, I thought a all-in-one-solution would be possible, hehe!

You will find the first attempts with my soft box and afterwards the results of having the Tabitha's DIY Studio Photography Lightbox + Demo course. 

Gift Bags - image 1 - student project

The first round of pictures describes the outcome of my failed experiment with my enormous soft box (not pretty attractive, huh!?).


Gift Bags - image 2 - student projectGift Bags - image 3 - student projectGift Bags - image 4 - student projectGift Bags - image 5 - student project

The second round is the result of attending this course.


Gift Bags - image 6 - student project

Gift Bags - image 7 - student project

Gift Bags - image 8 - student project


Gift Bags - image 9 - student project

Gift Bags - image 10 - student project

Gift Bags - image 11 - student project


Finally, the DIY Studio Photography Lightbox:


Gift Bags - image 12 - student project


 In summary, a really formative instruction that helped me out to solve my problem of having decent pictures of my gift bags.






PS Thank you Tabitha! ;D