Giant Insect Creature | Skillshare Projects

Felipe E.

Industrial Designer



Giant Insect Creature

I choosed to do a Giant Insect creature.
I made a brainstorming map for it.

I left out the color, seize and texture part, because I think I want to experiment with them later since I don't want to make a preconcibed idea of what the creature should look like yet.

Reference Images

Silhouettes  from the earlier studies and research.

Next step.

Last step.
Coloring through layers and detailing. rendering. I might do more.

Personally I don't do this "technique". I like to make it through a more natural feel on one or two layers, 3 tops. That way I can feel that everything is merging and correlating at the same time. In this way I felt a bit clumsy on picking the right colors and trying to put highlights where I needed. Order is fundamental. Patience. In my opinion it look cleaner and sharper. It was fun though I learned a couple of things really useful for my skill set.

More to come ...


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