I have always been interested in the marine world and it has given me years of inspiration. But it is coming under fire by mismanagement and abuse. Sadly one area that is a silent killer are the tons of abandoned fishing gear which continues to fish and kill. I have been on dives where there are innocent fish, dolphins and sea lions for example that have been caught and drown.

Currently, I am working with a local chapter of ghostfishing.org where the divers work to remove nets and donate these recovered nets to a company that recycles the nets to be used in carpets, socks and even skateboards!

One diver in particular; Heather has been leading the cause and is truly an inspirational person. A highly  trained technical diver Heather works around her regular full time job to find out about any nets that have been lost recently or through her network of divers to hear of any ghostnets found on wrecks.

These images are of Heather and the work she and her team of divers year round.


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