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Ghost of a Masque

I am a costume designer who has done many costumes for friends over the years. As I launch my business I've realized I really need high quality images to convey my talent and skills.A love of history, particularly Medieval Renaissance and Victorian are my aesthteic.

I recently completed two outfits for two clients who were attending a Fantasy Medieval-esque Masqued Ball. I'm currently planning a photoshoot with them:

I loved the animated movie Anastasia. One of my fav scenes is the ghost ballroom scene near the beginning. I decided I wanted my shoot to have that ethereal, eerie feeling.

A ruined ball, Muted neutral background colors so my garments and my clients really pop. An abanoned ruined church not too far from me might just be the perfect spot.

(all photos but the first of the blond girl in a  corset are from google. The girl in the red and black and gold outfit is my own illustration)


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