Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider - student project

For those unfamiliar with the course, here is a look at my previous project from the last course taught. This will provide you with a breakdown of what to expect.

Ghost Rider:

My project will develop into a fan art development of the character Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics

Below you will see some thumbs sketched for my illustration. I don't think I should be exempt from the course, so I will be developing along with you that way we are all able to partake in the full development process from start to finish!

Week 1 Thumbs:

Ghost Rider - image 1 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 2 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 3 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 4 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 5 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 6 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 7 - student project


Ghost Rider - image 8 - student project

Ghost Rider - image 9 - student project

Will Focus

Creative Director