Ghost Burger

Ghost Burger - student project

Step 1: Mood Board

Ghost Burger - image 1 - student project

Like its namesake, Ghost Burger is an ethereal product of your imagination. Based on a doodle, I want to create a logo for a screen-printed poster and t-shirt design, borrowing cues from retro fast food joints and classic Rockabilly tropes.

Step 2: Concept Sketches

I want this project to be as much about the lettering as the illustration, so I started exploring different treatments of the title. I'm finding myself torn between a horror-like look, and something more playful, with more of a "midcentury family restaurant" look — though I'm drawn to the latter.

Below are a few different early concepts. I want to decide on an overall look for the logo before I really consider its composition on a label — realistically, I plan to screen print this as a poster or a t-shirt graphic, though I still want to treat the project like a real-deal gig, with consideration as to how it would be used in practice (i.e., on a burger wrapper or a bag).

Of the four logo concepts, I'm gravitating most towards the one based on my original doodle — the topmost concept in the first sheet of sketches below. In my mind, it has the best mix of creepiness and silliness that I want to go for, and I'd like to try and push it further. However, I didn't want to sell myself short, so I've explored a few other options in the concepts below as well.

Ghost Burger - image 2 - student project

Ghost Burger - image 3 - student project

Ghost Burger - image 4 - student project

Update: May 28

Ghost Burger - image 5 - student project

In the end I opted to go with one of the original designs and push it a little futher. I experimented with some of the feedback provided, trying different depictions of ghosts, but nothing really turned out quite as well as the initial sketches.

In practice, I see this being implemented as a screen print or spot colour job, keeping costs low and preserving the vintage look. Be it on a t-shirt or a fry box, the logo is modular enough to spin off the typographic and illustrative elements for multiple uses.

Mike Kendrick

Illustrator, Designer, Jokes Enthusiast