Konsta Punkka

Outdoor Photographer, Squirrel Whisperer



Getting up close with the animals.

Here I represent you some photos I captured in Kotka at the video shooting day and then few shots I took on earlier trips. 

We arrived to Kotka in the morning before sunrise and we went to the woods before animals start to be active. I went down to the ground and waited when the first squirrels will appear.

If you want to get closer to animals you have to shoot when the animals are most active. That is the period when they are the most photogenic as well.

Always go to the location before the action starts so you have time to think what kind of perspectives and shots you want to take.  


This perspective need lots of thinking before hand and you have to know how this squirrel for example acts. 

In this photo - I knew that this squirrel likes to chill upside down in this specific tree, so before the squirrel came to the area I hide an acorn in the spot I wanted the squirrel to lay down and then just waited and waited more.


One of the most important thing about wildlife portraits is to get the eyes clear and sharp so you can witness the expressions and emotions of the animal. 

Getting close to the animal needs lots of patience and you always have to respect the animal. Other wise you wont get close and you wont feel the trust and other emotions in your photos.

In this photo I focused into the foxes eyes to get them clear and sharp. You can also feel the emotions of the animal when you're this close and there's no fear between you and the animal.






I hope these examples helped you realize more what I'm looking forward to see from this class. I would be happy to see you taking portraits of animals that you can sense the emotions and expressions of the animal. Getting close is not the most important part, but getting more out of the animal by pushing the shutter at the correct moment when you can "FEEL" something thats the most important thing.

I'm looking forward to see your results here in the project gallery :)

- Konsta :)


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