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Getting to the point.

Another fun one. I made a heap of different logos just from making small changes. I won't share all of them but here are a few. 

These two were some of my favourites. I just like how simple and clean they are. Also by using the cutting tool I achieved something I was trying to do in the circles project where elements are crossed over and under.


Next I was trying to do a crown type shape and thought it also looked like an origami crane. 


Next I started to play around with stacked triangles and the divide tool. I like these a lot, especially the one on the right, I was undecided whether it should be my main logo for this project. 


But I had an idea by this stag. I wanted to make a penrose triangle and it was at first difficult to work out how I would achieve it. I started with these three triangles: 


And then I used the cutting tool and line tool to get my desired shape. 


From here I did some more cutting to get rid of the edges and then used the join function. Hope you like it as much as I do. 



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