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Sam Hainsworth

Digital & Graphic Designer



Getting to grips


I recently brought a Canon 1200D, mainly for filming video, as I'm wanting to learn more about video production, but recently I've found myself wanting to take a few more professional looking photos when I'm out and about. 

I thought I knew alot about my camera, as I've taken quite a few video with it so far and learnt most of it own my own, but found when taking pictures I was a little lost as what did what. Skillshare to the rescue! Below are my test shots for Shutterspeed and Aperture.


The pinhole camera really helped me understand how a camera works in its simplest forms, the idea that a dust bin and some paper could take an amazing photo blew me away, so I had to try it! Here's my pinhole camera (very small compared). I have my photographic paper and I'm just waiting for the wash to come in the post to develop my pictures!

Will upload my 8 picture later...


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