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Brandon McKay

Sales Associate, UBC Bookstore



Getting to Grit

GRIT = A non-cognitive trait described as "perseverance and passion for long term goals"

My intention on completing the course is to find a career direction and build some momentum to start making positive changse in my daily life--pursuing more opportunities that are inline with my values, am passionate about and will be  the base to my energy and well-being..

Personal Goals 

1 year (2014) 

  • Volunteer in a role working with kids (Boys&Girls club, Big Brothers, or TakeaHike)
  • Explore the east coast of Canada
  • Hike the Westcoast trail on Vancouver Island
  • Establish a savings plan of $500/month min
  • I call my grandparents atleast once per week
  • 5 Year (2018)

  • Purchase my first home (with saving $20,000 min down payment)
  • Live in Australia for 12 months on a work permit
  • Sponsor a child
  • Volunteer in a community abroad
  • 10 year (2023)

  • Hold a handstand on Mt. Everest
  • Be in a stable and healthy relationship to begin to build a family
  • I speak fluent French
  • Career Goals

    1 Year (2014)

  • Move on from my current position
  • Discover a new opportunity I am excited about and feel fully engaged
  • 5 Year (2018)

  • Earn an income of $80,000 annual
  • Start my own business
  • Complete a professional designation
  • 10 Year (2023)

  • Copmlete a master's program
  • Publish my cookbook
  • Health Goals

    1 Year (2014)

  • Conquer Tough Mudder
  • Practice Yoga 3 x week consistently
  • Complete 2 30-day challenges
  • My diet is plant-based sourced local and organic
  • 5 Year (2018)

  • Cycle through France (+and tase lots of wine)
  • 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training certification
  • Run my first marathon
  • Complete a hollistic nutrition course
  • 10 Year (2023)

  • Race in an Ironman Triathlon
  • Compete in a Master's Gymnastics competition by 2022 (20 years from my last competition)
  • 10 Year Vision

    I am 34 years old. The day begins by waking up slowly next to my partner. We prepare brunch on the patio together and soak in the morning sun, with our puppy. Our apartment is a contemporary design with a large open kitchen, exposed brick and earthy wood details. It was renovated to our design in 2021. I feel at ease. I'm eneregized to start the day and get my morning sweat on before work.

    We live on the west coast, near the ocean and beaches. Mountains are within reach. A weekend could be spent hiking, kayaking/canoeing, surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, playing beach volleyball, road trip-ing, camping, back-yard bbq’s or just running errands around town/working on our home. It definitely includes road cycling and yoga.

     My career position is a project management role. I am energized by going to work and being around my coworkers, peers and clients. I have published a cookbook and own my own restaurant- a café featuring local, organic, plant-based food. My lifestyle blog educates on travel and healthy/sustainable living. I speak French fluently.

     I support my parents and we visit often.

    The last 10 years included: holding a handstand on Everest, scuba diving in south Africa and Egypt, volunteering in a community in Vietnam, foster-parenting a child from British Columbia, yoga teaching certification, nutrition certification, chef’s training, traveling to every continent, living in Australia for 1 year+, riding through Europe on a bicycle.

     Words to describe my life: local, sustainable, creative, sport, adventure, happy. 

    Learnings from Interview Questions

    The most surpising result in completing this exercise are the parallels and similarities in answers, and reacurring themes. I interviewed my mother, my supervisor, a close friend/mentor and my ex.

  • Being around people fuels me. My interviewees saw that I am most inspired when I am around new people and working in groups on projects. “You are not a people pleaser, but you are pleased when people are pleased”. Being in a position that enables me to make new connections and interact with many people will be integral in fulfilling my Legacy. 
  • “Determine what success means to me and then I will know what I need in my ideal career”. This message hit home hard as it targets the focus of my personal development, When I tell someone or tell myself I don’t know what I want to do or where to go in the future, it’s because I haven’t determined what I want to achieve, for myself. 
  • Learning and sharing knowledge is seen as an innate characteristic that shapes my relationships with others. 
  • Summary of Answers: 

    1) Patient, loyal, appreciative, caring and considerate of others. Modest and humble, genuine, natural

    2) How smart I actually am; the knowledge I possess is beyond conventional learning. The core intrinsic value I provide someone with when building  a relationship

    3) Learning. Meeting new people- compliments who I am. Being the person that cares for others; support. 

    4) Where there is a perception of heirachy, title, perceived knowledge or expectation, I have a loss of power. (stems from thinking less of myself). I shift my own interests, goals and passions when I am intrigued by someone who is so passionate about their values and goals,  tend to latch on, follow.

    5) Meeting new people, being involved with a lot on the go. Working on projects and goals.

    6) Decision making- I analyze situations thoroughly and understand complexities, however have trouble to be confident in a decision {lack confidence in/don't trust my instincts}. I’m not proud enough of myself and my achievements.

    7) Find direction in something I really am passionate about. Determine what success means to me (develop qualities I want to build in myself. When I know what success means to me I will know what direction to take to find my ideal career.

    8) Being a husband and father. Maximize my own potential through leveraging positive relationships with others- be in a workplace/friendship/rleationship that gives to me as much as I give to it.

    The Power of Knowing What You Want

    Inside the Circle: 

    Travel | Inspiration | Providing for my family | Health | Outdoor adventures | Sustainable living | Cycling | Laughter | Entrepenurship | Dream home | Continual Learning | Wealth by following passion | Ease | Gymnastics 

    Outside the Circle:

    Anxiety | Being in a job only for the income |  Feeling insecure | Staying inside on a sunny day | Complicated relationships | Losing out on opportunities[avoiding risks + challenges] | Living what-if? | Being dependant on others 


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