Getting the most out of my education

By December 31st, 2015 I would like to see improved cognition and understanding of written information. This is important because as I start taking college classes I want to learn as much as possible and make the most of the information given to me.

By January 31st, 2016 I would like to notice improvements with my memory and be able to memorize material efficiently while using the tricks presented to me in this course. This most important to me because I quickly forget things or have to repeat something(such as a name) muiltiple times in order to remember it.

By February 31st, 2016 I would like to see my WPM go up drastically as well as understand the information and remember it. This goal would be great to achieve becuase it would show that this course has helped me in some way, and would give me a reason to keep practicing.

By Summer, 2016 I would like to only see much improvement with the skills I have learned and hope to have the memory, reading, and learning capabilities I have always wanted.


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