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Getting the Lead Out (Pencil Sketch Exhibit)

For my project, I created a fictional exhibit of pencil sketches and called it "Getting the Lead Out." (I do a lot of pencil sketches myself, and many of them are included in a book I recently published, so this was pretty fresh inspiration.) I chose a local museum (Austin Museum of Art) for the location.

I knew I wanted to use one of my own sketches and came up with the image concept of a pencil with squiggly line pretty quickly; but finding a font to tie in with it was a struggle. I fell down the rabbit hole that is, taking forever to settle on a handwritten font that I could connect to my squiggle. I ultimately settled on a free-to-use font called CF Jack Story and I'm still not sure I'm satisfied.

(The curvy squiggle line was also a challenge, mostly because I've never mastered the art of paths in Photoshop. Just call me a work in progress.)

My poster was entirely black and white at first, in keeping with the pencil theme -- but after taking a break and coming back to it, I realized it needed at least a splash of color. So I added a layer and colored my pencil red; I also made the date and website red for emphasis. 

I've seen some of the other projects and I second-guessed mine, after seeing so many colorful, statement posters -- but in the end I'm pretty happy with this simple, whimsical approach. The look is actually very similar to the illustrations in my book, which are humorous and child-like by design, so my poster feels very cohesive to other things I'm doing as an artist and writer.

I hope you like it. 



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