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Getting the Groove Back into the Grove!

Embarrassingly, I have to confess that I style properties to be presented for sale. The downside of having two curious little kids, is that my own house gets a little neglected, to say the least. I have shelfloads full of lovely accessories to use in other people's houses, but I rarely have a minute to think about making my own house look remotely stylish. Afterall, what is the point when any vignette will be ransacked by by energetic 18 month old boy? Truthfully, i am more of a big picture person, and have never analysed the nitty gritty of styling vignettes, something i have been meaning to address for a few years now. So hopefully my own house can finally start looking like a "showcase" for my work, that is, between momentsof sticky cereal and toys and puzzles all over the goes...




SOFA IN LIVING ROOM (might swap this for sun room one later)

MASTER BEDROOM (not enough light to just be natural!)


COFFEE TABLE IN SUN ROOM (artfully styled by the small folk of the house!)                     


1. NEEDS: A handy basket to keep extra cushions

2. SHAPE: The sinuous corves of the lamp, wing chair & fish bowl soften the geometry of the furnishings

3. COLOUR: with dove grey acting as the restful neutral, fresh aquamarine & duck egg blue dominate the colour palette here, while tones of gold & Yellow provide sunny warmth to an otherwise cool scheme.

4.PATTERN: The diamond ikat fabric on provides a pop of crisp colour in an otherwise subtle room scheme



The rectilinear cut pile block pattern of the blue rug ties in nicely with the weave of the basket next to it.



The unusual inclusion & angle of the blue floor rug provides a visual break from the right angles that dominate this room. it is a subtle element of surprise that i love!



The silver ornaments on the coffee table (they look like trophies from an obscure film festival!) provide the essential ‘shiny thing ‘ element.



The tulips (?) in the vase bring a fresh breath of the sunny outdoors into the room.


coffee table: After

Of course, anything was an improvement on the Sylvanian Family home sitting on the coffee table, but it took me a long time to come up with a vignette for this table. I really felt it needed a black round tray to present everything on, but i do not own, and could not find one anywhere to buy! I tried so many variations that i completely lost sight of what worked and what didn't. So i have included 2 variations here, the latter is a little busy, but i like the height and presence the wicker lantern gives. My cat "adds life", although the fact she didn't move the entire afternoon hardly suggests any!! any feedback is welcome :)


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