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Getting the Best close-up Nature Shots

Welcome to my class!

My name is Zarmina and photography is a huge hobby that I enjoy a lot. One of my favourite type of photography is close-up nature photography because I believe close-up nature photography truly brings out the inner beauty of nature in a much wider scale. The details of nature objects close-up really inspire me and I'm sure will inspire you as well!

Have you ever noticed those beautiful close-up photos of flowers, especially roses or those eye catching green photos of leaves and plants. That's macro photography and in this class I will teach you how to take the best photo shots when it comes to macro photography. I will help you achieve this skill step-by-step and guide you through the process of amazing nature photography. In this course I will teach you the five major keys to getting the best close-up shots in nature. In the end, you can gift these pictures to your friends or family. This course is for beginners in photography and practically anyone interested.

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I want you to take some close-up shots of nature as well.Go outside to your flower garden or a park nearby in your neighbourhood and take some pictures of nature.

Your task is to take three shots of a flower of your choice close-up from different angles.The second task in this project is taking another shot, but of a tree or a bug of your choice, once again take three photos close-up from different angles of the tree and last but not least, be sure to post it in the project gallery. I hope to see some great nature photography! You can look at the example I took :)


1. Post two photos out of the 6 photos you took during your project, make sure to pick the best ones.


Take a look at the photos in this link to get some examples!


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