Getting started with my creative business

Getting started with my creative business - student project

Hi everyone!

My name is Emelie and my goal next year is to get started with my creative business. I have had my instagram, where I post my art, for more than a year but it has not helped me sell or license any of my illustrations or patterns so far. This class really pushed me to start making a real plan for my business and helped me realize that I need to start contacting companies myself and not only rely in IG.

I work full time in the fashion industry right now, but my goal is to find a less stressful part time job, so I get more time and energy to build my creative business on the side. I make colorful Illustrations and patterns that I would love to sell/license for greeting cards, stationary, paper products, fabric etc. 

You can find some of my work below and on instagram: @byemeliep 

I would love to be in contact with some more artists to help and support each other so feel free to reach out to me if you would like to be art-buddies! :)

Getting started with my creative business - image 1 - student project