Getting productive to be more creative in 2019

Getting productive to be more creative in 2019 - student project

I’ve always admired those gifted individuals that seem to breeze through the day to day logistics because they’re organised and know what to do, where to go and what’s happening when. I’ve long been the host of that being Thomas Frank calls entropy, and after virtually no progress in my goal improve my artwork and live a productive life in the last 2 years after University, I truly wish for change.


I was slightly dubious about some of Thomas’s suggestions, because my work doesn’t require email correspondence, meetings or deadlines, so I wondered how I was going to apply his good and practical advice to my own needs as I don’t really go on my computer very often, so I’d need either physical forms to help me, or ones that could be accessed and updated easily from my phone/ iPad. Consequently, I’m still trying to figure things out.

Task Management - 

My main task management system is through the Bullet Journal I started last week. As the purpose is to improve my sketching abilities, it seemed logical to combine my task management/ organisation system with art. A week in, and my BuJo has definitely helped me stay motivated. 

Todoist - I took Thomas’s recommendation to get todoist to document my tasks in advance as and when they crop up. This is partly because I only have about two weeks worth of BuJo pages completed in advance. When I’m making new weekly spreads, I then refer to the app. Any I’ve missed will give me a reminder on the day via email, so I’ll update my BuJo if needed and either complete or reschedule tasks.

Calander- As it corresponds well with todoist, I’m looking at getting the google chrome calander and email account, but am holding off until later. For now, I’m just using a simple diary to got down memorable information which I can then put into my 2019 overview under the following colour coded life buckets: birthdays (pink), clubs ( Lilac), events (yellow), confirmed holidays (blue). These pages are referred back to when completing new weekly spreads.

Since joining Skillshare and a number of workshops - all with their own separate deadlines - I’ve found that my system is starting to get a bit strained. With this is mind, I’m looking to create a life bucket in my calendar for SkillShare classes. For this, I’m thinking of scheduling time in the week on my calendar with the sole intention of completing class content, and using Evernote and Snapbot combined to organise my notes and projects for each class. This would be backed up on Dropbox, which I already have used in the past - though I intend to go back and organise the files that already exist based on Thomas’s suggestions.

Apart from the strain of Skillshare classes, the methods I’ve implemented have being holding up, and for the most part I’ve enjoyed doing it. I’m hopeful of it’s success.

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