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Getting out there


So I was already following three companies, Huge, Scopely, and Uber on a variety of platforms out there and that has been great. I really like Huge Inc the most, just becuase their culture, vision and apporach really speaks to me. I really want to get involved out in their LA office because that would a great hub for me for everything I want to do. I actually did what Emily suggest with using twitter handles in my blog post and Huge saw the my last one tonight I wrote about an presentation their CEO Aaron Sharpiro did and favorited it on twitter which was awesome.

Tonight after the class i got on about.me and created a profile. It was pretty fun and an awesome way to put everything that do i together in one place under a nice umbrella. I like designing things too so it gave me a chance to be creative. It feels great to have a complete picture of yourself out there. Here is the final product. http://about.me/ejoruche/

Check it out and let me know what you guys think Ill be back with more on my project later.



So it looks like my project isnt exactly to the brief, but I like where its going so i will share it anyway. So today i got an email from some current students at my alma mater, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. They want me to speak about innovation, design, and creative thinking to a group of 100 - 200 high school and Rose students during a design competition at the school, with the focus of it being student projects advocating resourceful knowledge (SPARK). Im extemely humbled and honored, considering i havent been out of college for even a full two years yet. The great part is that in the last month or so I have really been looking into Huge and people, companies, places related to then, and as well as those topics that I will be talking about, so it is actually great timing that I would be able have this opportunity. I have always been passionate about these topics and I think being able to do this will give me an opportunity to really show a company like Huge my ideas and thoughts regarding them and hopefully allow them to see how I can really fit in and add to their culture and vision. Regardless of what happens with that piece though, I am super exicted to do this. I really do love my alma mater and giving back to it! Emily if you got any quick tips on speaking, I would gladly appreciate it!



So today I connected with someone I was somewhat acquainted with on LinkedIn. I saw that he was out in LA and working in the entertatiment industry. Although I know facebook wasnt the most professional forum, we have been friends on there for a while and have been able to see each others post so we are aware of each other. I also know he is pretty active on there versus his newer LinkedIn so I would get a faster response.

I am pretty excited about this because we have a lot of things in common background wise and in terms of our drive so I feel like I can gain a lot from it and maybe even establish the right contacts out there through him.



Today I was looking at Huge on LinkedIn and saw a had a 2nd degree connection I didnt previously have before. I contacted my friend who actually went to the same school and fraternity as well as the same post college work fellowship. I reached out to him about Huge, the connection and other companies he though would fit my interests.

I didnt know how well he knew the person at Huge so its great that this was the result. I am excited to see what could come out of it for me.



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