Getting organized in my studies and work life

Getting organized in my studies and work life - student project

I'm going to put my best effort to get and STAY organized in my work and in my studies. I'm a complete mess in organization, always find that time disappear from my days and so I end up being always in a rush.

I'm already using Google Calendar, but with these tips I will surely be more efficient. Combining different apps dedicated to different aspects of productivity management is the great idea I wasn't thinking of, but that is life changing.

I'm going to integrate task management with my calendar blocks. I prefer pen and notebook to taking notes, but I will give a serius try to evernote for images and websites.

I'm ok with my email habits, but will use the tips you gave us because they are really smart and useful.

Let's talk about way, I've been trying to give myself a structure, but I end up in a mess. And I've already lost a lot of files for a stolen pc... I'm going to follow your advices for organizing my files and most of all I want to give myself a weekly meeting to review the system and to avoid the entropy that I costantly occur with my files.

Thanks for all this!