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Amy Lamp

Designer, maker, pet enthusiast



Getting my mind to see new things

I'm a logical, pragmatic thinker, and I loved this class for getting me thinking outside my mental box a little. It was hard at first to build onto the plain shapes, but once I did a few it started to flow a little better.

I really enjoy combining watercolor with ink pens, so that's how I approached my practice. As I did more, I got more experimental (some didn't work out -- French Toast with butter and syrup got weird!). At first when I saw a blue dot all I could think of was "blueberry". It took time to flex my artistic muscles.


As I ran out of ideas on this page of squares, I looked into my living room and saw our big orange chair, which inspired the drawing in the lower right. I feel proud of that one in particular because it got me thinking about using the square as a building block as opposed to a background color.


I like how this set turned out, where I made a theme of Sweet Treats out of the watercolor shapes:


I can see how this would be a wonderful activity to come back to whenever I'm feeling stuck or stagnant!

A new one that I did (I'm a little hooked on succulents right now) where I drew on the shape with ink for some, and painted on more watercolor in a sketchy style for others:



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