Getting more from my sleep

I wanted to take this class mostly in an effort to understand sleep, and how to optimize it. Not only did I want to tweak and improve the quality of my sleep and my overall effectivness at life, but I wanted to come up with some tips and tricks I could apply and suggest to my wife who has struggled with sleep for a few years (since having a brain injury).

My sleeping habits pre-class are pretty good, but after filling out the worksheet there were clearly a few areas I could make some quick gains:

- 66oz of water - I drink "a lot" of water every day, but probably more in the 40-50oz

- limit fluid consumption to 8oz 1.5 hours before bed - i mostly did this, but having this hard and fast rule is great

- no food 2 hours before sleep - ditto

- f.lux - this is AWESOME, but likely only for my laptop, i'm an anti-jailbreaker of my iphone ;)

A few of the other tips are great and I hope to properly implement them in the shortish term:

- sleeping temp 65-70 (18.3C-21.1C for us canadians :)). This one will be a bit tough one as we love a cozy bedroom in the winter, but i did close the vent a bit and think we're now in this range

- 5 days of excercise - i likely will never get to 5 days, if I can get to 3-4 i'll be happy (am at 1-2 now)

- smart alarm - likely will get a zeomobile, just not right now

- consistent sleeping - during the week a steady 10-6ish should be no problem for me, and i'm now forcing getting up at 6ish or sooner. weekends...  a little harder :)

Of the rest of them, I'm either doing them already or am not willing to make that sacrifice :)

The results from these mostly baby-step improvements over the past week have been quite positive. I've been quite alert, and at work earlier than I ever have been before, which is leading to being back home at a good time, and much higher productivity and quality throughout.

One question for Scott. For the past few years, even if I don't consume liquids for up to 3 hours before bed I still get up to use the bathroom. I have consulted a doctor and had prostate exams, and he's dismissive and claims its just getting older and everything is fine (hell i'm only 35!! :)). So just yesterday I got some Sal Polmetto, and have started taking it, 2 caps a day. Any rough idea how long I should give it to see if it will have any effect?


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