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Getting more done while having more fun

I've always considered myself a capable and mostly organized person. I'm good at details and don't let much fall through the cracks. As my very visionary boss has pointed out, I can get so caught up in the details that it is difficult to see the big picture. He, of course, has people like me to make the details and framework of his vision happen. 

My position has recently shifted, this happens about every six months in our growing company, and my work day is less about immediate time sensitive tasks. The focus is now on bigger concepts and projects that often involve research, buy in from others and multiple days/weeks to complete them. I'm pretty good at making my lists and getting things done, but I know it could be better. Thinking improved organization may be a key...

As the company grows, I want to be better able to support that growth through being a vital player. In the past eight years of working there, I have been. In a company that strives to be the best, I need to continue to grow, as well. This concept of getting more done and being less stressed is very appealing. 

Here's to lassoing in those open loops. At work and in my personal life, which as a part time single mom of a three year old, can be complex. Why? Because I do want to get things done like a boss.


Maybe my organizational skills aren't as good as I thought. There were more warnings and dangers on my diagnostic test than anticipated. The worst area was organization.

Downloaded Things and Evernote. Have over 50 open loops. Kinda surprised at how many I have from my personal life.  By the end of the day, I loved pushing control space and plugging in my random to do thoughts. Looking forward to organizing them in the next section.

As I start to see the work it is going to take to follow this system, I am wondering if A. Is it worth it and B. Will I stick with this? Hoping that if it is worth the time, I will be compelled to continue. I will give it a month.


my before picture:

There is a coziness to my desk, but the disorganization is driving me crazy. Looking forward to processing more. Really enjoying the Curated GTD.LAB Resources. Nicely done, Tiago. Downloaded Skitch and played with it, as you can see above. Also think I will like learning more about the work of Charles Duhigg.


Good lesson yesterday. I found myself  feeling like I had too much to do to spend time working on my class.  I guiltily gave myself 20 min to work on the next step, which included turning my to do list next actionable tasks and assigning them dates to accomplish. A liberating and motivating move. Instead of spending time wondering what to do next all afternoon, work became a game of what can I accomplish next. Seeing the number of things to do dwindle in my things box kept me productive. I also love not spending time at the end of the day creating tomorrow's to do list. Its already done and very complete. 


Setting up containers and organizing my present mess is turning out to be more time consuming than expected. Even though I'm not as organized as I need to be able to process like a robot, the systems are useful. The decision making around letting go of and organizing items is easier.  I'm not letting the incompletion of one part of this course keep me from moving on. The checklists seem like a useful tool. Am starting to get in the habit of doing them as I continue to reign in the piles in my life.

My cover photo represents how I love to grow, can and preserve food. If I'm together enough to make time for that, I feel pretty accomplished.


Finally ready for my after picture! I've been implementing the steps and have been doing reviews long enough that I finally did a monthly review. 


This picture is too clear and clean to clutter with comments. Note in the after picture that piles of to do lists are gone, the in box is functional and my desktop is clear. What you can't see are the better organized file cabinets and computer files.


Technically, I've completed all the units in the course. Feeling much more organized, but I know there is still room for improvement. My projects and areas in Things don't correlate to my work as well as I'd like. Evernote is a really useful tool. So glad to not need a note book to jot my ideas and plans down in. 

Recently, I've relaxed a bit on assigning dates to things to do, unless it's truly time sensitive. I see how having my projects contain lists of how to accomplish them is valuable to my work flow. When I assign dates to the steps in those projects, I feel like I spend too much time rescheduling and end up breaking them apart into too many pieces that feel disjointed.  As I focus on individual projects, I'm incredibly productive, especially when I open a project and have the steps there in front of me. For those that aren't time sensitive, this really works for me.


Notice a difference when my day starts without a daily review. Feel less productive and more disjointed. (It was worth it to come in later, after a morning ski.) 


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