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Getting lost in Idaho

First I just wanted to say my 'B' buttons broken on my mac so sorry for any typos, heck it'll keep you guys on your toes. Second, I know I have photo's unrelated to the brief but I feel they aid my narrative and help digest my thoughts, enjoy.

Hi I'm Jack, a young creative currently studying at Central Saint Martins University London, England. Here are my recent travels through Idaho, this trip really helped ground my practice for me. We travelled around much of the state in our two weeks there. Starting in the west Boise and Nampa, then through Hailey and Ketchum up to Sun Valley then out east to Pocatello. Exploring as we went along.

This was a first for me, not only state side, but it was the first time meeting my girlfriends family. They come from a relatively small town Boise in Idaho, but the relatives are spread all over the state. On this trip I used rather crude methods to capture my images not exactly editorial standard, put more relaxed and playful. I haven't been shooting recently and wanted to get back into the swing of things.

I use tools available to me, my Canon 550d, GoPro Hero 3+ and my Iphone 5S. As Burkard said I find the best shots I tend to take are when I'm completely relaxed, messing around with friends, this was such an example. Some friends and I drove up early one morning trying to beat the fog up into the mountains behind Boise, ID. We didn't beat the fog but had some fun in the Wrangler off the beaten track. We paused on the way down to mess around in the snow and explore the small caves in the cliff sides while my girlfriend attempted to scare me with stories of cougars. To which she obviously did not succeed... I was petrified!

I can't wait to graduate and get back to the craft I'm so passionate about. I forgot how much exploration drives my creativity and process. It was so refreshing to feel so much vast, empty, open space, to play with. nothing but mountains, my thoughts, my eye and my lens. There's something humbling about the sheer space in the US in contrast to the crowded, pacey city. London doesn't inspire such grandeur and free expression it only offers to pollute the mind with stress and restrictions.  

On this trip I felt much more intune with my craft, more so then i have done in years while studying, as soon as can I shall be packing my bags and heading stateside again.

Sometimes I like to shoot the honest of a frame like this one, I feel it adds information to the story, empowering the narrative.

As we drove east to Pocatello, my girlfriends father points out the tallest mountain in Idaho and the glaciers. To a brit these rounds and mountains are alien, that feeling of space and adventure are something I crave.

Here's a few more snapshots from the trip, enjoy. Top of Baldy in Sun Valley from when I went skiing, approximately 9am.

(Currently writing dissertation will review and rework images after January 27th these are just posted from my instagram account)


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