Getting it right!

40 years old, and fairly active but despite my best efforts, I'm unable to loss the weight I have slowly gained over the last few years. call me vain, but I am not liking the way my body is going :-(

So I'm here enrolled on this course and wanting to learn how to do things right sort get this equation right to keep lean and get fitter. 

Project aims:

- Lose a stone by March (currently weigh 14st 13lb)

- Get that flat stomach 

- run a mile in under 9 mins (currently approx 10 mins)


Running: Two runs this week, and both were under 10 mins. Not bad considering the only time I get to run is as soon as I get up at 5afit before I get ready for work.  Previous runs have been over 10 mins.

Gym: still only able to go twice a week, but have been pushing myself to lift heavier, nothing major, but small increases.  The gym is hard as I go on my own, so the motivation is sometimes hard to find to push yourself. Still need to do more cardio at the gym, but playing hockey twice a week (2 hours traing and a league game) is supplementing my gym work well.


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