Getting into Procreate

Getting into Procreate - student project

I suck at Procreate and the practice material is helping me get into using the progamme and learning to draw in it in a stress free way. Plus, I love Gabrielle's style and am out to steal a bit of her mojo (=study from a master - but that sounds so pedestrian ;) ).

My dropbox and IPad cable are on strike (or maybe it's because of corona *ahem* ), so atm I have yet to figure out a way to upload my actual procreate practice. Meanwhile, a photo of my screen plus the watercolour sketch it inspired (I live for these doll references *gah* - so pwetty) will have to do.

Getting into Procreate - image 1 - student project

It was really hard to draw in procreate. I actually tried tracing first - which didn't work _at_all_... So I constructed with the picture next to it. I still don't like it, but it's waaaaay better than what I was drawing in procreate before. So, baby steps. I'll continue doing the exercises. :)

OK, so apparently I can upload photos from my iPad in the browser. *yippie* :) Typing on the iPad is annoying, as is almost anything else, but yeah.

Here’s the drawing from the photo:

Getting into Procreate - image 2 - student project

And a head shot exercise. Somehow, my head is way narrower? 

Getting into Procreate - image 3 - student project

to be updated