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Getting into Florals

Enjoying this class! I've watched all Amarilys' classes, and I find them really accessible, no big speeches to listen though, just straight in there. This is the first project I've done though, so now that I have the ball rolling I might go back and re-watch them and actually do the projects!

For once I did what I was told and sketched the roses first! And I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed the process of sketching, it's been far too long since I've done anything like this. I used a couple of google images for reference. 


Here is my attempt at the dropped watercolour florals. I'm not really in love with them, I feel there could be more white space, and I am dying to go over them and add some detail, but for a first attempt I'm happy enough.


Here is my photo reference I will be working from, for my 'real' bouquet paintings - hint hint ... they're not 'real' but I love my sunflowers just the same. 


I have to say I'm not too happy with how my dropped watercolour painting came out. I decided to use my small watercolour book, but I should certainly have worked on a bigger space. I think the painting looks really constrained and crowded, although I may be able to digitally help it out a little! Fake it till you make it eh ;) Next time I will try working on a much larger sheet, use fewer elements, and try harder to leave some white space, unlike this time where I had to add white back in with a gel pen to bring back some light. You live and learn!



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