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Getting inky fingers

// DAY 1 //

I am getting myself incredibly confused about all the different nibs. A couple of months ago I aquired a set of Dip Pen & Nibs but realise that I have no information about the various nibs.

I decide to start with the one that looks most like the Nikko G. I think it's an EF (extra fine?) nib. I love the scratchy sound it makes on the paper but find it difficult to get any variation between thick and thin lines.

I also try the nib called 'No. 41'

I have now ordered a NIkko G nib from Blots Pen & Ink Supplies.

Hope it turns up soon!


I now have my Nikk G nib and did one sheet each of a, b, c, d. Think I'm getting a hang of thick and thin lines. Tried to write a 3-letter word using some of the letters I ahd practised. It is really difficult but I am hooked. All I want to do is practice, practice, practice.

Wondering how long a nib lasts? Should I buy more - keep a litlle stash?


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