Getting in Shape

I was a chubby kid and started to workout around 14 (doing Tae Bo and Turbo Jam videos in my bedroom, sometimes yoga and pilates) and never realy lost much weight. I slimmed down a tad as I got older but have always been at the top of my healthy weight (or slightly over like right now). In the last two years I have gained 20 pounds, 10 since November 2011 (when my boyfriend's mom passed away) and I severely fell off the wagon after November and have slowly gotten to working out again since then.

I know healthy eating is the biggest obstactle right now. I have a limited budget (very hard since my boyfriend eats ALOT, he's a big guy, build wide and sturdy lol, and is a farmer/plumber so he needs to eat a lot just to maintian his energy) and I don't grocery shop very often so I can't always buy a lot of vegetables unless they last a very long time in the fridge. In general, I eat very healthy portion sizes (in general, I can't eat alot so I have small amounts) and I do eat fairly healthy but I still know I need to do better than that.

Goals -

Workout 5-6 times a week for 45+ minutes

Do Insanity videos again

Eat better - plan more meals and stick to them. Figure out the best way to eat healthy on my budget

Lose 10 pounds - just a start, that means losing the weight I've gained since November 2011. Then I'd like to lose more BUT how I feel and look is more important so if I don't lose the weight but like how my body looks then I'll be happy

Do 50 push-ups in row (on my toes) - like I used to be able to do...


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