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Getting experience

I am an editor at PROpets' like page. PROpets is a dog grooming salon, in which the earnings go to help dogs in need (stray dogs, dogs in foster homes and other that need veterinary check ups) and spaying / neutering campaigns. As everyone, I wish to keep growing the people in contact for a united community and provide education of proper animal care.

PROpets have already a steady fan base. But to increase a proper engament I will need to set up a daily post, create a longer than 100 character posts, give in more pictures and videos.
I was struggling with the idea of creating original content, instead of just sharing, but the side of engaging with other pages can help out communication between brands.

Acquiring experience with content creation and page managing, I wish to apply my time in a personal proyect: Exquisite Backs. Photography driven by people's backs, engaging in several activities. My curiosity to learn photography and my love of acquiring an emotional impact without facial expression is so attractive and main goal with


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