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Getting better

-- 10/24/13 -- 

I haven't gotten as much practice in as I've wanted the last couple weeks. Between some rush projects at work, two boys and halloween happiness going around, it's been a busy month! 

That aside, I've been brainstorming an idea for a business holiday campaign, from Thanksgiving thru to New Years. "Grateful, Amazing, Thankful, Difference" are the words behind the collection, with a final card with all the words. ANYWAYS, this was just me playing around for the last hour or so of the day. 

I do feel more of a "flow" and consistency in the lettering I'm doing. I'm still working thru the lowercase alphabet practice, so this was a stretch outside of my routine of the class (but still fun!). I'm looking forward to experimenting further, that's for sure! 


-- 10/10/13 --

Hello, all! 

I was so excited to find this class, but also a bit intimidated. I've always had a love for handwriting, and even spent a whole two weeks trying to teach myself my non-dominant hand when I was 12. Around that time, too, I was very eager to try caligraphy as another means of writing creatively. Unfortunately, I found it extremely difficult as a left-handed individual, and the pens I was using weren't friendly to my hand orientation. I smudged over my work more often than not, and seemed to have a permament state of ink across the outside edge of my left hand. Frustrated, I wrote off my ability to do caligraphy due to my left-handed nature, and figured it was for the "chosen few." 

Thank goodness I was wrong! Not only am I finding that I can write without making a smudgy mess, but the process of this class is making me fall back in love with cursive and caligraphy all over again. The patience is what makes the practice worth while, and the practice seems to make time fly by. 

I'm trying to do 2-4 letters every day or so, and then go into flourishing thereafter. I'm looking forward to where I'll be once my alphabets are complete, and I venture to go out more creatively. 

These are the pages I've been working on from the last week or so. Sorry for some of the blurry photos - my foot warmer - I mean dog - kept nudging me while I was trying to hold still! He probably has some ink on him, but hard to see with all his spots....



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