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Sandra Relf

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Getting better.

I've come back to have another try at this class after getting more experience with drawing portraits. I feel like I've improved and there's a lot to be said for practice. I understand more about shading and light - was kind of scared about where to start - finally I started to get it. Here's my drawing from today (30/04/18). 




See below for my first attempts when I took this class the first time about a few years ago. 


Progress Update 19th November

18th November

Hi My name is Sandra and normally I'm a printmaker.

I'm taking this class because I need to get better at drawing people. I love art and being creative.  I can get basic forms down in a cartoon kind of style but I can't figure out/understand shading and highlighting to acheive something closer to realism. Here's my recent try at drawing a person...


I'm still finding my style and I like what's happening. However I don't know how to move my drawing style forward from basic line.

When I saw Gabrielle's astonishing work I was in awe. I'm thrilled to be learning from you Gabrielle. There's alot of talented students taking this class. Looking forward to seeing everyones work.

Sandra : )


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