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Getting back in the game...

I dissapeared from the online world for a while.

Now step by step, I'm starting with the little things again. The things that matter to me, the things that inspire me to see so much beauty in the world.

The first picture is one I already took in Leuven when I was following a photography-class around the time I came back online. I edited the picture in a way with the tips from this class.
I used to be or:

  • already content with the result without editing
  • just was never plain good enough to share with 'the world'

Now I tried some of the techniques in this class and it upgraded my picture I think. I pay more attention to the details afterwards. Though I'm a graphic designer, I only sometimes edited own pictures. Because I want to show the world as it is. So Trashhand's sentence struck me: "I edit it so the people see it how I see it."

That's beautiful. Isn't that ultimatly one of the things we try to do with photography? Well I certainly do.

Also his way of being inspires me, I used to not care about my online identity, that is in the 2000's my nickname willszz grew, well that's part of me. As trashhand just does his thing, I want to do that again without getting cut up by the details (nickname etc)

I lost my nickname and I found I lost a tiny bit of my own roots that came to be with the years.

It's not yet perfect, but we all have to start somewhere no?

Black stones.

Also since viewing these videos all my travel long I was thinking, missing a shot is learning, as long as you see the shot. Well I have suddenly missed so many shots.

Since I have a full-time job I haven't found the time yet to go out alone and scout, but I hope to do that soon, to represent my new home: Ghent. So I hope, more coming soon...


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