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Getting an Education

Finished product of my final project. I'm very glad to have taken this class cause I never thought I'd be able to accomplish something like this.


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You can also scroll through the project file to check out all the in between stages of this piece.

Thank-you Gabrielle for the opportunity to learn from you and it's been a real pleasure posting here.


Hi there, my name is Riley, and I'm taking this class to get better at drawing faces. So far Gabrielle's videos and notes have been a tremendous teaching tool and I can already see improvement.

First off I'm a little late to the party, but hopefully that doesn't hurt my chances so here's my progress.

Right off the bat I wanted a good reference. Something I could relate to quickly and easily. i took a few photos of myself with a makeshift lighting setup. Although I wanted to have a dark tone on the face, I also wanted to have a soft light fill in the dark areas so the form isn't lost in the darkness.

So here's the original shot. 

And after some photoshop magic to accentuate and give a variety of tones...

 I didn't start working with the image above. I started working with the original black and white printed out by a wal-mart machine on a 4x6 sheet and this is the result so far.

Not my greatest idea. I like working and training my eye, but i think it's a little out of my reach at this point. I will continue with this, even though its pretty tough, but only after I follow the lesson plan and print off a 1:1 scale portrait to do proportions and references from.

The eye drawing lesson was incredibly helpful. It helped me identify where my problems possibly extended from if I felt something was off. Don't you just hate that? When you know something's wrong but you have no idea how to fix it? Without further pomp and...stuff, here is the reference.

And now for the reproduction.

There a few tones that had an ever so slight variation to them and so I was primarily concerned with not losing the form in all that darkness.

Next image shows studies of eyes, nose, mouth, and ears for the class.

I had a lot of fun doing these ones, especially the eyes. I did have a little trouble with the mouth and ears because I needed proper placement and the ear has a lot of differing surfaces. I'm really happy with the results and I'm really enjoying the class so far.

This next part I wanted to give you an idea of where I'm at and see how this class will improve my skills.

This was my last attempt at a portrait from March.

Story behind this is I drew the body in six hours on a flight. I was dreading the moment when I had to do her face.

On a lighter note have some crazy Nicholas Cage.

I attempted this in 2011, and I find it slightly unnerving and funny. As you can see portraits are not my forte, and I want to see myself improve.


I changed my mind about the subject I wanted to draw and I went through the deviantArt stock portal provided by Gabrielle in lesson 1; a very good resource. I found a few portraits I liked and next is a series of links credited to the stock artist, Aruni of devious-stock.


Stock provided by:

With out further adieu, here's my progress so far

Next step is the pendant and area. After that its more hair and the arm, and I'll be finished. If you have any questions of what I did between photos, or have a comment about what I did or did not do so great on I'd like to hear in the comments below.

Thank-you for checking on my progress. I completed a decent portrait all thanks to the short simple lessons. If I have advice from one student to another I'd say take your time, learn the anatomy as well as form and shade, and choose something fun to draw. The pendant was tricky but I like to draw shiny things.

Anyway, thanks again and I'll see you around!


Quick follow up. Did this portrait as a quick exercise.


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