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Getting a true smile!

Myself and my coursemates booked some studio time to have a little mess around with everything.

I know this isn't a fantastic photograph, and I'm definitely no model, but we each took a turn in cracking jokes, and telling stories, whilst photographing continuously, with the aim of getting a true smile or laugh out of the 'model.'

This was one 'true' laugh that was captured, and I feel you can really see how 'human' this pose is - it feels far more personal than one we would have caught if directed to stare straight down the lens. (And honestly, I didn't know what sort of shots were taken until I looked back on them! I was pleasantly surprised with this and it made me smile remembering the jokes and silliness that was ensueing!) The posture, gaze location and posture seems relaxed and it was a much more enjoyable shoot for everyone involved!


I thoroughly believe that the best photographs come from shoots where everyone involved enjoyed themselves!


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