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Getting Worky

Step 1: Graduate

Step 2: Get a Job

Step 3: Get Another Job

Step 4: Get the Job You Really Want

Step 5: Get it Organized, Lady! <-----------

Long story short, I've got a great job, but I need to step it up in the organization department. I work on dozens of projects at once and interface with 4 different departments regularly. Often I'm deciding in my head what needs to be worked on next and losing (or burying) my novel-length handwritten to-do lists. As you can imagine, this is not working so well...

I know about GTD and I've been trying to implement a simplified analog version, but I want to go digital and get rid of all of this horrible paper on my desk. I'll take a "before" pic so you can see what it looks like!


"Before" pic of the analog chaos is up! 

It doesn't look sooo bad. But, there is no method, which is what makes me feel like a crazy person. That plus my work email, plus my actual projects...haji maji.


Collected Round 1 of my open loops. So, far I've got 53. I'm traveling this weekend, so I plan to bring as many of my paper lists as I can to unearth others and go through all those forgotten red flags in my inbox, too! I'm feeling really positive about being able to implement this process. Nerd excitement!


You guys...I DID IT. I made it to Inbox Zero on my personal email. It'll be great training for tackling my work email, which is honestly a little terrifying. Still feeling super positive, but keeping my eye out for that project overload tail wind. 

P.S. I am an ambi-operating system user with PC at work and Mac at home. So, I opted for Todoist for my task manager. I'm liking it so far. I've got it running on Outlook (at work), Chrome, my Macbook, my iPhone and I'll add it to my iPad tonight. I pretty much cannot be found without access to atleast one of those things, so I feel set. If anyone wants to chat about Todoist, send me a note.



I'm having a little interlude at the DMA 13 Conference in Chicago this week. I'm doing my best to continuing implementing what I've learned but I've put additional coursework on hold until I get home. I've found that these conferences can be crazy places and information overload is likely to occur. TBC.



Work has exploded and I'm just crazy busy, but still here! Trying to implement GTD little by little. Currently on Phase 3.

*"Like a Boss" Photo Source:



Hi, this is Karen. I have been swallowed up by Q4. Please leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can...

Really though, wow, these last two months have been crazy! I'm still working with ToDoist and keeping track of tasks daily. I don't feel like I have my project folders quite right yet -- as it's sometimes just as stressful figuring out my system as it is managing my tasks. But, I have not lost hope. I'm already so much better off than I was before, just haven't gotten to my dream workflow yet. I've got a good 5 days off coming up over Xmas, so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with GTD. 

See you then!


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