Getting Up Earlier

I have a problem with my sleep schedule. Right now I usually go to bed around 3am and get up around 100pm. Yes, I usually sleep about 10 hours a night. I have Narcolepsy so it makes me very tired all the time. My goal is to get to sleeping 8 hours a night and getting up at a more sensible hour, like maybe 8am (and going to bed at midnight). My main goal is to draw closer to the Lord. I would use my extra time to read the Bible, meditate on what I’ve read and pray. I’d also love to start an exercising. 
Thank you for for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. When the program asked me to rate you I was only halfway done with the class and it met my expectations. The second half definitely exceeded my expectations but I am unable to edit my review. I’ll try again. Thanks again. Josi