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Getting Super learned

Someone once said that the goals we share out loud are usually the ones we never get done, but here I go.

  1. My goal is to improve both the amount of french vocabulary that I know, and also the ability to retain the vocabulary once I make the dictionary search. It takes me as much time to finish a short story in french and completely comprehend it, as it does to finish an avergae chapter in a book.
  2. I will also be able to retain and read chapters in my biology text book at an increased rate with better comprehension in order to gain at least a B+ on my next exam.
  3. I hope to be able to finish both Stephen King's It and Tom Reiss's The Orientalist before the winter break starts on December 19.
  4. I also hope to be less directionally challenged and memorize street names and places much better than I do now. I hope to memorize the location of someones house the first time I go and not after like 7 visits.
  5. I also hope to increase the names of artists/photographers that I memorize per week to 10. And also be able to import it into my long term memory.


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