Getting Strong at College

As my Fitocracy profile explains: I'm a junior in college who is trying to get in shape and stronger and make permenant lifestyle changes so that I never have to "start over." I started running and being conscious of my eating habits in summer 2012 and for the first half of the fall semester was able to maintain everything and then stress and responsibility hit and threw me off course. So here are my [fitness/health] goals for the spring semester:

  1. Get back down to my end of semester weight: 110lbs
  2. Attend Masters swimming practice 2-3 times a week
  3. Figure out and make more healthy (yet inexpensive) meals
  4. Practice yoga at least once daily
  5. Begin a modified (to my schedule) version of Starting Strength

I'll probably add more as I think of them, but 5 is a good starting number.

Already thought of more:

  • Learn how to control myself when there are lots of snacks
  • Make progress on my splits and overall flexibility

Progress Update

My average min/100 yard speed has gone down by 20 seconds within the last Master's practices I've gone to. So far since I got back to school I've swam 9,900 yards (5.63 miles). http://connect.garmin.com/profile/EmiPark210
I've skipped a couple days of daily yoga but I haven't had a totally sedentary day so therefore - Progress.
I haven't done strength training because I've been so tired from swimming but hopefully I'll get used to the demands of Masters and adjust, or I can adjust my goals.


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