Getting Started with Procreate (For IPad Pro)

Getting Started with Procreate (For IPad Pro) - student project

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Are you a beginner Procreate artist or maybe using Procreate for the first time? Then this class is just for you, in this class I am going to teach you how to start drawing in Precreate right away, step by step; you don't need to have any prior knowledge of  Procreate to take this class but some basic knowledge of drawing would be handy.


You will learn :

1. Creating a  canvas

2. Which brushes to use

3. Sketching and cleaning up line drawing 

4. Coloring

5. Adding finishing touches 

6. Saving final drawing and exporting time lapse video 


Materials you will need : 

1. iPad Pro 

2. Procreate (latest version) installed on your iPad Pro

3. Apple Pencil 


Class Project :

Draw something you really love. It can be anything you want, maybe a portrait of a person or your pet or maybe something you enjoy drawing the most.

Complete your class project with these 3 easy steps:

 1. After cleaning up your sketch post it in the project gallery for feedback 

 2. Complete your illustration using the skills you have learnt 

 3. And finally post your final illustration along with time lapse (time lapse is optional) and you are      done 

Also I will share some of your works on my Instagram so make sure to share your projects :)


Here's my Class Outline. Let me know your feedback !

Banashree Das
Digital illustrator