Getting Started with Makeup

Getting Started with Makeup - student project

Hello Mira. Thank you for your classes. I will start with the first one. 

I do not use make-up often. Usually it it eyeliner (with fat eyeliner) and lip-gloss.

Only sometimes I use makeup, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow..... 

Ok, I took several pictures with different light (all withing 1-2 min in between) and they all look different. Here I wear toner on my skin, eyeliner and mascara. No lipstick. Ahh... I just realized - my phone was on the Beauty Face mode. I have more wrinkles than pictures show! HaHa!

1. My face shape  - I am not sure - round, square, or rectangular?

2. Skin tone - probably reddish/neutral, gold-and-peach. Used to be very fair.  I do burn easily and  could see all my bluish/reddish veins. I prefer to wear gold, not silver. Off white. 

3. Skin is mature and dry, thin, but I still have oily T-zone. I am 50.

4. In my arsenal I do have a lot. ))) Do not have a face luminizer and many of brow supplies.

5. I cannot wear a lot of skin products (just a bare minimum) as my skins starts to perspire. I do not wear blush, because my cheeks are always rosy. 

Thank you for the lovely facial recipes! I shall try them soon! I love natural skincare. 

Would love to hear what you can tell me about my face.

Thank you!Getting Started with Makeup - image 1 - student projectGetting Started with Makeup - image 2 - student projectGetting Started with Makeup - image 3 - student projectGetting Started with Makeup - image 4 - student project

Getting Started with Makeup - image 5 - student projectGetting Started with Makeup - image 6 - student project




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