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Getting Started with Ableton Live


quick note: This is a work in progress page and, frankly, I am new to creating a class. Please let me know how I can improve!

Your first day in Ableton Live 9


As amazing and intriguing an idea of composing and creating your own tune (or song, or beat, or just a rough melody idea) can be, sometimes the biggest problem is not your creativity or lack of ideas - it's the learning curve of the tools you are about to use. 

Ableton Live is a popular choice for converting your musical ideas into actual sounds, but for a creative that has no experience in using professional recording software it can be a really puzzling experience. The overall impression it makes can be summed up into something like this: "How on Earth do I make great music with that?!" Looking at some courses that can last from a month to a year (or sometimes even longer) does not add to the whole 'excited about creating music' mood.

I strongly believe that the one of the best techniques in teaching is learning by doing. In this Project I will help you to go through the worst experience nightmare imaginable - the first day of using a complicated piece of software that you are not experienced with.

This course is good for the beginners that are new to music production and creatives looking to expand their producing knowledge about other DAWs that already have knowledge of creating music but are new to Ableton Live.

 ***wip*** Project sections:

  •  What we will be using (AL9 Suite)
  • Starting a new project, adding your first instruments + solo/mute functionality
  • Adding MIDI instruments vs adding samples
  • Velocity, loudness
  • Adding your first effects 
  • Importance of Sends and Returns (bus functionality in AL9)
  • Compression, sidechain - what is it and why use it
  • Grouping tracks, processing groups
  • Working with drums
  • Your first resampling
  • Using resampling for special effects
  • Automation, automating FX
  • Adding creative effects
  • Creative utilisation of sends and returns
  • Polishing, limiting, exporting
  • Final thoughts and ideas on improving, thoughts on hardware, etc

All in all, if you have a computer that is able to play music, internet connection, a keyboard and a mouse (a trackpad), and some creative music ideas you want to work with, you are absolutely more than prepared to take this class and create music!

=====personal thoughts to consider, todo, roadmap=====

  • iterate on project thumbnail image
  • rewatch the "Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class" class, adjust if needed
  • iterate on project sections
  • record intro video
  • work/iterate on the script for my class
  • recieve feedback, adjust accordingly (if applicable)

I will try to keep you updated and post frequently. Let's have a great learning adventure!


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