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Christina Lembo

Designer, doodler, hand-letterer, collagist



Getting Started on Watercolors

I'm so excited to take this class! I've always been very intimidated by watercolors, I think because they are so unexpected but I am still somehow afraid I will mess it up! 

I've been working with some cheap Reeves tube watercolors, a small pan set, and some liquid Dr. Ph Martin's watercolors. Yesterday I went and purchased a few additional tubes of W&N watercolors in some colors I love but didn't already have (magenta, violet, indigo, turquoise).

Transparencies and gradients. (I fudged a bit on the second transparency since my first wasn't light enough, so I put my lightest at the end ;)) I'm having a bit of trouble with my gradients, so I definitely want to work on those more. I don't feel like they flow as well as they should. I think it's the pushing water technique I'm stumbling on...


Pulse and precision. I definitely need some work on this (it was also late and I was getting loopy). The vertical bars were so meditative, though... I could do that for hours.


Here is my monochromatic flower. I loved this exercise and definitely want to play with it more. I feel like I can be a bit more precise on my lines (also didn't erase my pencil marks before this photo). But I love the effect of using different values of the same color.


Experimentation. This is but the beginning! It was so fun to just drop color into water and watch it do it's trick. I love how the pan orange looks like a little quartz cracked open, and the pan blue and yellow looks like some sort of sulfur lake. Some of these got a bit messy but I actually like that, like how the pan yellow and PH Calypso green started traveling across the page ;) I also love how the pan magenta and Winsor and Newton violet drawing ink turned out. I like the oan red and violet a lot nd then I started adding some green to it, and, no. The Dr PH Martin true blue might be my favorite color ever, I really want to play with this more. 

Some of the experiments didn't go so well, but I definitely want to do many more of these. Also, my india ink I think came out super heavy, it just POOF filled the entire water circle! So I think I want to use a bit less, perhaps with a brush rather than that dropper.



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